How do settlements for car accidents work in Georgia?


A settlement is a contract between parties to settle the matter in exchange for a set amount of money. The parties will then dismiss the litigation and resume their lives.

Nobody wants to spend years fighting a car accident claim or trying to win at trial. The majority of disputes can be settled without the need to hire an attorney. Settlement is an informal resolution to a case that seeks a mutually satisfactory solution after which the parties cease the ongoing dispute.

Settlement conferences are not required throughout Georgia. Imagine having unexpected expenses resulting from the car accident you were involved in. A Athens lawyer for car accidents can help you obtain compensation for financial and personal injuries.

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Georgia provides basic vehicle accident compensation for accidents involving vehicles. We’ll look at the matter in greater depth.

What is the typical settlement for car accident victims in Georgia?

This is a complicated issue because each scenario is different in its degree of injury.

To come to an agreement, parties along with their lawyers will take into account the following aspects.

Insurance companies cannot be held responsible for more than the limits of the policy.

  • Maintenance of vehicles
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Agony and suffering
  • The absence of a worker can result in a loss of earnings
  • Rehab expenses
  • Disability
  • Scarring and disfigurement

How does a car crash settlement function?

It is not easy to reach a settlement after an accident. Follow these steps to secure better settlements.

Contact lawyer

The first step is to get in touch with an attorney regarding car accidents. Next, contact an attorney in the case of a car accident to discuss your situation.

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Insurance and claim

Your attorney immediately notified any potential insurance companies or people that you’ve initiated a personal injury lawsuit. To determine the amount of insurance money is required to settle your claim, they begin to collect the information regarding insurance, including coverage amount. This is an essential process. Attorneys are the ideal people to assist you in stacking policies to make your insurance less expensive. Attorneys can also assist you to discover medical payment insurance that will help you pay for medical costs.


The firm begins collecting all the relevant evidence regarding your claim when you appoint your attorney. This might include:

  • A copy of the accident report and other police records
  • Photos of the damage to cars
  • Bills and documents pertaining to medical care
  • Start recording your lost wages.

Medical Attention

They will keep an eye on your medical care and injuries. They will also monitor your progress each week. They will also keep track of your progress week by week. Do not be concerned about not having insurance and being unable to pay the medical bills. Your lawyer will consult with your doctor to discuss your treatment.

Preparation of the Settlement Package

Your lawyer will begin putting together your compensation package after you’ve completed the medical procedure. To confirm the validity of each amount and charge that they contact each doctor. After that, they write a comprehensive settlement letter for the adjuster describing your claim as well as supporting documentation. Once they verify all figures, the adjuster will deliver the settlement document.

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Insurance adjusters often assess your settlement package and then make an first offer in 20-30 days. After they have made their initial offer, negotiations can move swiftly. The firm normally receives the most favorable cost from the insurance company rapidly. After each request, your attorney will call you to discuss it and what your counter-offer will be. You must signify each counter-offer on behalf of you.

Lawsuit vs. Settlement

Once your lawyer is offered the best price from the insurance provider, you’ll be given the settlement proposals. These documents detail the adjuster’s most favorable offer, and then breakdown the proposed settlement into the manner in which you will be received. You must accept and sign the Release if you are willing to accept the proposal. The adjuster will send out the check that your attorney will deposit in your trust account, and then allow it to become clear.

You must pay anyone who has treated you, or any other private or public entity that is entitled to reimbursement when it clears. Your lawyer will bargain with each individual to lower the amount that you have to pay. Let’s say you decline the top offer from an insurance firm. The entire legal process can be a long time.