Four Web Design Trends


You Should Be Watching In 2022

It is clear that web design in 2022 will be all about precision and intuition. Websites are full of information and stimuli. Your web pages must communicate clearly and effectively in order to be distinguished from other sites on the internet. Seattle is a tech and IT hub. Many web design agencies want to offer top-notch services to their clients. But how can you tell which ones are up to date with the latest trends in web design?

  1. Split screen

If you want to communicate multiple ideas through your website, but still keep your pages clean and tidy, split-screen content is the best option. Split-screen content, which is dividing your webpage screen in the middle, will work best for you. This gives each side the same attention.

This design trend is very attractive and grabs attention. It splits the rectangular shape in two. If you want to give your web design more flair, make sure each screen works independently. This is illustrated by an example. You can add a few unexpected imperfections to the design. This can be done by using scroll effects to ensure that each side moves at a different rate.

You can add visual hierarchy to the split-screen design by placing additional components in the middle, between the divides. These components can be anything from a CTA button or call-to-action, or even a logo. These elements will be the center of attention and create balance on the screen.

  1. Extra-large fonts and design elements

Web designers in Seattle prefer large, easily visible design elements if they want to communicate information clearly and quickly. This design level can be applied to any element on a website or webpage, including large bold fonts, large images and moving photos/videos and even extra-large menu symbols and icons.

These inflated design elements are eye-catching and help website visitors understand what the pages are about. These design elements are also great on any screen size, including a smartphone, tablet, or iPad. This trend will stand out among the rest if you reduce the number of design elements on each page. You should not have too many impressive features at once. This could make the trend look overwhelming and counterproductive.

This is why Seattle web design agencies are moving to full-screen photos and videos in the first page, with large typography and fonts. This design layout in 2022 allows you to communicate your brand message clearly and effectively. It also helps you register and resonate with your targeted audience. For more information on split-screen layouts, visit Thrive Design or similar sites near you.

  1. Fluorescent digital artwork in three dimensions

The digital 3-D photos enhance your website with glowing, neon-hued colors and provide unique explanations to familiar materials. These artifacts are very popular as they attract customers’ attention and look more appealing than a plain and simple design.

Although digitally delivered 3-D artworks are not a new trend, many web designers in Seattle are choosing to use them. Three-dimensional modeling plans are more readily available than ever before. The design, which is infused with fluorescent colors, is forward-thinking and full of life. It will give your website a personality and style.

You should use this web design trend with caution and not overdo it. You can use fluorescent colors to harmonize or as secondary colors depending on your color scheme. These elements must be balanced, so you should switch to neutral shades such as blacks, grays and whites.

  1. Illustrations custom made

These elements can be images, photos, icons or illustrations. They do more than just add color to your pages. Web design 2022 will be more intentional when it comes to visuals and imageries. Using these elements means that your content and copy are supported and can help create a brand message for you business.

The right illustration placement can make or break your design. Think of a website selling shoes, where you will find street-art inspired graphics. A non-profit website dedicated to child welfare, on the other hand, is filled with visuals that inspire hope and optimism. This conveys a completely different message to its target audience.

You will get the best results if you look for images that are specifically tailored to your business’s needs.