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Practical arrangements for getting into or out of prisoner families

You and your prisoner families will need to make arrangements for a variety of practical issues when you enter or exit prison.

  • Housing
  • Children
  • Relationship with your partner
  • Social security benefits
  • Employment
  • Money and debt
  • Property and possessions

These issues will require specialist advice. These issues can be addressed by a variety of specialists organizations.

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Get legal advice

A solicitor can provide more information regarding the legal situation, such as whether or not you have the right to appeal the sentence. The solicitor who represented your case before you were sent to prison should be consulted. prisoner blended families are entitled to access their legal advisors at any reasonable time.

  • Visits to prison
  • How to organize a visit
  • Depending on whether you are:
  • Untried prisoner in Preparation for Trial

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A convicted prisoner families whose case was decided.

You are allowed one 30-minute visit per week as an untried prisoner families. Visits are different between Get out of prison so visitors should verify the rules in advance.

A convicted prisoner is allowed to visit once a week for 30 minutes or once every 28 days for 2 hours. When you arrive at the prison, you will be provided with information about how to arrange a visit. The prisoner families will need to fill out a form naming the visitor. A pass will be issued to the visitor to bring to the prison car.

These are the minimum rules that you must follow for visits. However, some prisons may allow more frequent visits or longer visits. You may be able save visits if you live far from family or friends. If you’re seriously ill, or have a domestic emergency, special arrangements can be made.

If they feel it is necessary to prevent federal crimes, the governor may refuse permission to someone visit you. You can complain if you feel that you have been denied a visit to prison.

Each prison will be able advise you on the rules that apply to them. You may also find assistance from specialist organisations. See Useful organisations.

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